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    Powerstar Power Ups services Beijing Capital International Airport

    发布时间: 2016/05/20 人气 :10275

            Recently, Powerstar Power supply with reliable product quality, reasonable solution success successful Beijing International Airport Company Limited T3 baggage screening system three UPS system transformation project to provide a comprehensive, secure their critical load equipment, uninterruptible power protection. 

            Beijing Capital International Airport is referred to as "airport", located in Shunyi District, Beijing, China, it is China's busiest international airport, is also an important window for China's air gateway and foreign exchange. Wherein Terminal Three is the largest single building, it is the world's largest single terminal. As a first window opening and important public infrastructure, the Capital International Airport to expand foreign exchanges and promote economic restructuring and industrial upgrading is playing an increasingly important role. Powerstar Power to ensure the operation of the flight show, foolproof security information management systems, combined with the application of years of industry experience, to design a comprehensive power solutions, to fully meet the Beijing Capital International Airport for convenient, efficient, and security needs.

            The successful Powerstar Power Ups for airport security information management system provides a reliable power protection, but also for better applications in the field of civil aviation Po Roth products and laid a solid foundation. (Correspondent: Power Star)

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