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    Power Info Bank


    Power Info Bank is developed based on B/S structure. Our clients can log any PC connected with Internet in the world by to monitor the real-time data of the photovoltaic power plants, including specific machine parameters, carbon dioxide emission, earnings of the power plant and fault alarming. Various charts quickly inform you of the real - time conditions. All raw data can be exported for professional analysis. High degree of customization enables you to build your own monitoring system.


    ■Friendly interface and multi-language display;
    ■Monitor power stations globally via internet;
    ■Demonstration power station for reference and customized configuration for specific plants;
    ■Diverse chart display and evaluation of data;

    Technique parameter
    System requirements
    Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 6/7 orFirefox
    Best Resolution
    Power Station Monitoring Information
    Inverter list, the date of the total generating capacity, history, the total generating capacity, the current total power
    Equipment monitoring information (single)
    AC voltage, AC current, DC voltage, DC current, device temperature, the day of capacity, with total generating capacity, fault information, communication frequency, power factor, AC power, the same day the power curve and the month generating capacity histogram
    Grid information
    grid voltage, grid frequency
    User account
    Register Log in to check non-sample power plant

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