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    Training Purpose

    1. Making the agreement and cognition for the company's culture, values and development strategies.

    2. Understanding company's rules and regulations, job responsibilities and working elements let new employees be competent at their own jobs as soon as possible.

    3. Improve employee performance, strengthen the sense of responsibility, safety consciousness and quality consciousness, and establish the principle of efficiency and effectiveness principle.

    4. Enhance the ability of executing their duties and responsibilities, correct working attitude, and enhance working passion, foster teamwork spirit, to form a good working habits.

    5. Improve learning ability and knowledge level of employees, enhance employees’ career development for personal create a good environment and conditions for employees and company.

    6. Improve the comprehensive qualities of enterprises, enhance their competitiveness and sustainable development capacity.

    Training Content

    A new employee pre-service training is a training course for new employee the training course includes the basic theory study and practical operation training in two parts.

    1. Learning content of basic theoretical knowledge as follows.

    (1)company culture and institution training, the purpose enable employees to understand the history of company development, know business purpose, values and business scope well; to learn and master the every rule and regulation of company, management systems, work systems and moral activities.

    (2)Job training: we have training courses for the new employees let them understand their duties, professional knowledge, daily work processing, job requirements and operation tips.

    (3)Case studies and simulated teaching practices: in order to explain the cases of enterprises in the business activities of the experiences and lessons learned, so that new employees can get some basic principles and work requirements, we have the purposeful trainings to make the simulated teaching practices.

    2. The actual operational training: the senior staffs will arrange the new employees to work on the positions of appointed operation training, through the operations and practices they consolidate and improve their professional skills.

    B On-the-job training

    1.Job training: on-the-job personnel positions of knowledge, professional skills, rules and regulations, operating processing training, be rich and update their professional knowledge, improve the operational level, each time the training focus on solving the 1-2 problem, let employees get new theories, new knowledge and new skills.

    2. Job-transfer training: when any employee transfers to other positions we will make a training for them in order to replenish the necessary theories, knowledge and skills.

    3. Promotion training: it focuses on the necessary new theories, knowledge and skills let them be able to start the job as soon as possible.

    4. Professional training: practitioners of training on a given theme, aimed at improving the overall quality and ability of employees, the content for the new industry trends, new knowledge and new skills. Flexible form of training, including: sending employees to the best business to go and visit and study; invited industry veteran, professional and technical personnel to the company training guide for professionals; employ authoritative experts and professors to the company's guidance and training for professionals.

    C Administrative Staff of training

    1,assistant manager and middle, top level administrative staffs of training the purpose is to learn and master modern management theories and techniques, fully aware of relevant government policies and regulations to improve market forecasting, decision-making, organization, execution and control. Training is mainly required by the market economy system, management theory, knowledge and application. The form of training in order to employ experts and professors specialized lectures organized mainly supplemented by self-study and In House.

    2, Basic administrative staffs: when they are trained to learn management manual, understand the job knowledge, management systems and operational processes.

    D Training of professional technician

    Training of professional technicians focus on the financial personnel, engineers, engineering technicians, etc. The purpose is to understand government policies and master the basic theory and specialized operational methods to improve their professional skills.


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