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    Talent Philosophy

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    Conception of talent of Powerstar is that "human resource is the first resource" and insists on people are appointed on their merits. We build up the harmonious employment atmosphere of mutual respect, mutual trust and interdependence between the company and employees and create a standardized and harmonious employment atmosphere. Powerstar Company will provide high-class training and professional development opportunities. Meanwhile we create a wide space for the growth of employees and provide a broad stage for value of upgrading. We firmly believe that "excellence in business, from human excellence".


    Sincere is the standard that the relationship is between our company and customers, between companies, between companies and employees, employees and staffs, as well as relationships between companies and society.


    Sense of responsibility is the link between our company and customers, between companies, between companies and employees, staffs and employees as well as between the interests of the relationship between the company and the community.

    Dedication Spirit

    Be able to endure hardship, the employees of Powerstar is also necessary to have thought in order to getting more respects every employee should be a person who is good at studying and thinking.

    Spirit of Innovation

    Nowadays the world is a very competitive market and only the stronger can survive in it. We clearly realize it so Powerstar think only the innovation is our road of development.

    Teamwork Spirit

    We firmly believe that the team's success comes from our joint efforts of each member, so we cannot go further without communication and collaboration.

    Senses of Service

    Ultimately, the success of enterprises are from the client's recognition, support and trust. We believe that customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit in order to bring us the excitement of real success, which are bound to our sense of responsibility as a starting point and conditions with our sincere service in exchange.

    Company Image

    A good team is always composed of a group of outstanding members, each employee represents the company's image, corporate image which is a manifestation of the qualities of each employee, at the same time the company’s image also requires us to carefully maintain by every employee.

    Positive Attitude

    Positive attitude is the beginning of a person's success, everyone will encounter this or that difficulties and problems, and we hope everyone can take a positive attitude to face them, overcome them and resolve them.

    Good Business Relationship

    Good business relationship is an important reference that Powerstar measures the ability of each employee.

    Habit of Learning and Thinking

    We pay attention to the efficiency of work, specially the quality of work. Production quality and service quality will always be the lifeblood of business, for this reason, we require every employee they have to be serious, diligent, conscientious, meticulous, and perseverance to do the work, to do the things.


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