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    Powerstar UPS was recognized by Daqing Oilfield

    Recently, from the sales department, Powerstar UPS with its excellent quality, good service, perfect solution thus obtain the favor of Daqing Oilfield, and write a new chapter of "green", safe and stable. View>>

    2012 the Fifth China Data Center Conference: Transformation of Data Center

    On March 30, 2012, the Fifth China Data Center Conference was held in Beijing International Hotel Conference Center. The conference is sponsored by the China Electronic Information Industry Development Research Institute, View>>

    POWERSTAR UPS with outstanding quality escort TISCO clique

    Recently, The Powerstar UPS products are successfully applied to Taiyuan Iron and Steel company, and provide high-quality electric power guarantee for visual plant of the company. View>>

    Powerstar Dual Bus Modular UPS Solution Applied in the Emergency Command Center of Police Station

    Rencently, Powerstar dual bus modular UPS was applied in the Emergency Operation Center of Police Station and provided comprehensive, secure and reliable power protections. View>>

    Powerstar Modular UPS, Build A Green Data Center

    Internet Data Center (IDC) and Multimedia Data Centre (MDC) is the control center of the high-speed Internet. The clients have extremely high requirement for the "timeliness" of remote process, View>>

    Powerstar Won the Bid of UPS System Project in National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center

    Recently, Powerstar won the bid of UPS system project in National Marine Environmental Monitoring Center with its innovative technology, reliable products, comprehensive solutions and efficient technical services. View>>

    Powerstar UPS Successful Win the Bid of 3rd Expansion Project of Dalian Airport

    With the speeding up of constructing Dalian as the shipping center of Northeast Asia and Northeast Asia International Logistics Center, the 3rd expansion project of Dalian International Airport Terminal has officially completed, View>>

    Powerstar 80KVA UPS Applied in the Center Room of Dalian Customs

    Recently, Powerstar Epower Series 80KVA UPS power system is applied in the center room of Dalian Customs and is going to provide safe, reliable power protection for IT system of Dalian Customs. View>>

    Powerstar UPS Provide Reliable Power for Library Network of Northeast University of Finance

    With its reliablity and excellent performance, CMS series UPS won the bid of the library network UPS project of Northeast University of Finance. View>>

    Powerstar modular UPS escort for 2010 Shanghai Expo security system

    Recently, the 2010 Shanghai Expo choose UPS power in its security system, now all venue in Shanghai Expo are equiped with Powerstar UPS. The UPS will provide highly reliable power supply protection. View>>

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